Happy 1 Year, Ethan // Milestone Birthday // St. Charles, IL

I never know if being a Chicagoan forges my character and hones my ability to seek creativity elsewhere when the skies are gray, the trees are bare and it's 40 degrees in April, or if it zaps me of all energy so that I basically curl up in my house-cave like a bear till May, seeking flowers, sun and the smells of spring. Either way, this shoot at Heinz Brothers Garden Center was 1) SO gorgeous a setting, and 2) absolutely amazing for my soul. I was so happy the family was up for shooting there. Ethan is SUCH a doll. I loved capturing this milestone birthday for them. Major props to Heinz Bros as well--their selection of plants and florals is unparalleled. And can I mention how beautiful this family is dressed? They showed up looking like they belonged in this greenhouse. 


Baby Jacob // Newborn Photos // Lombard, IL

The sweetest little family had me out to capture some photos of their second son Jacob in his first couple weeks of life. They have a beautiful home in Lombard, IL with gorgeous natural light and big airy rooms. Baby Jake was a teeny, precious peanut! He greeted his family two weeks ahead of schedule. Ewa, his mom, told me that he's the most laid back and relaxing newborn there is, and after getting to snuggle and take some photos of him, I have to wholeheartedly agree with that. Both Jacob and his big brother Gabe were absolute LOVES. Too cute!

Easter Brunch // Family Photos // Batavia, IL

Easter has always been a special holiday for my family, not from a religious standpoint, but from a "brunching" standpoint. The Larsons brunch like nobody brunches; complete with a menu of ham, eggs Budapest, mandarin Jello, creamy baked hash-brown potatoes, homemade coffee cake, homemade cheesecake and, now, often we'll have carrot cake made by my sister, all washed down with my granddad's famous bloody mary. My granny always made sherry-marinated chicken livers and mushrooms as well, which I never tried because...livers. These particular photos don't do our brunching justice--as anyone who has been to my family's Easter party knows--but they're close to my heart because this is the last Easter my granddad got to celebrate before he passed away from cancer. He was actually in his radiation treatment at the time of this brunch. Coincidence that I ran into these photos so close to Easter this year? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I just wanted to look at his face. Also, how cute are my mom's flower arrangements and my granny with her Busch Light in a coozy? 

Sheridan Rose Boutique // Fashion // Geneva, IL

Shannon Roberts is the owner at Sheridan Rose Boutique, she's also an AMAZING, hardworking boss-mom, and happens to be my nearest and dearest friend. It's good to have friends in high places, right?? We did a shoot for her boutique in March in Geneva, IL, a town I'm totally ga-ga for and not just because my Granny lives there. It was cold, it was fun, and it ended in an incredible hot breakfast of chilaquiles and pancakes for everyone involved, which I can't say about all my winter shoots, so it was a serious win all around. Take a peek at some of the photos, looks and make sure to stop by her shop (link above) to grab some adorable additions to your wardrobe. 

Baby James // Newborn Photos // Chicago, IL

Stephanie + Clay welcomed their adorable little baby James into the world. They have a beautiful apartment in Chicago, IL with gorgeous natural light. This was a fun shoot since James was already about two weeks old; we were able to capture snoozes, smiles and open-eyed shots of him. They're the cutest little family, and I couldn't be happier for them and their new baby boy.