Happy 1 Year, Ethan // Milestone Birthday // St. Charles, IL

I never know if being a Chicagoan forges my character and hones my ability to seek creativity elsewhere when the skies are gray, the trees are bare and it's 40 degrees in April, or if it zaps me of all energy so that I basically curl up in my house-cave like a bear till May, seeking flowers, sun and the smells of spring. Either way, this shoot at Heinz Brothers Garden Center was 1) SO gorgeous a setting, and 2) absolutely amazing for my soul. I was so happy the family was up for shooting there. Ethan is SUCH a doll. I loved capturing this milestone birthday for them. Major props to Heinz Bros as well--their selection of plants and florals is unparalleled. And can I mention how beautiful this family is dressed? They showed up looking like they belonged in this greenhouse.