Easter Brunch // Family Photos // Batavia, IL

Easter has always been a special holiday for my family, not from a religious standpoint, but from a "brunching" standpoint. The Larsons brunch like nobody brunches; complete with a menu of ham, eggs Budapest, mandarin Jello, creamy baked hash-brown potatoes, homemade coffee cake, homemade cheesecake and, now, often we'll have carrot cake made by my sister, all washed down with my granddad's famous bloody mary. My granny always made sherry-marinated chicken livers and mushrooms as well, which I never tried because...livers. These particular photos don't do our brunching justice--as anyone who has been to my family's Easter party knows--but they're close to my heart because this is the last Easter my granddad got to celebrate before he passed away from cancer. He was actually in his radiation treatment at the time of this brunch. Coincidence that I ran into these photos so close to Easter this year? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I just wanted to look at his face. Also, how cute are my mom's flower arrangements and my granny with her Busch Light in a coozy?