hello, Maddie Lou // yorkville, il

I’ve captured a few events for the extended members of this family, but this was my first time doing an in-home session for Angie + Chad, their son Myles and their new baby, Madeline. Being that they’re my friends, I over shot the whole session and ended up having almost a hundred photos to deliver to them when it was all finished. I tend to deliver a lot of photos anyway though. It’s kinda my thing. I get caught up in the small, subtle differences in facial expressions from shot to shot, and I just give them all. There’s a lot of joy in working with people you know personally. You can pull out and capture all the love you have for them while they’re being candid with each other. It’s like a win-win. It was such a sweet time with them and a joy watching them welcome their new little bundle into their home.

welcome Megumi // roselle, il

I did this couple’s maternity shoot back in December, so when they reached out to do an in-home session to welcome their new baby I was thrilled. I always love capturing the joy and excitement people have during pregnancy, followed by the unconditional love they have for their baby once they’ve arrived. It’s the best. They were in between moving from his family home to a temporary apartment before finally moving to Japan for a year, so their house was in moving mode. We had a bed and nice window light—super simple. But I can honestly say this is one of my favorite shoots ever. Sessions with multiple kids and newborns are wild and fun, but also difficult because I want to highlight each child along with the baby and parents. It’s always worth it. This one was just the three of them. It was quiet except for my white noise, it was warm and the babe snoozed away the whole time. We laughed and talked in whispers. Ryo sang to his son for all of the shots of just them. Cutest ever. Satsuki’s mother was there and watched the shoot from the hallway with their dog. It was pretty tender. I loved every minute of it.

newborn session // schaumburg, il

Ok, so somehow allll of my clients from 2018—well, not all, but a huge majority—were people asking for newborn sessions. And guess what, peeps, I LOVED it. I’ve always captured newborns and families interchangeably, and I’ll continue to do that, but I really feel my heart being tugged in the direction of capturing motherhood and that special time of bringing a baby home… home to your other family members, the smell and sounds of your house, the ebb and flow of your sleep and wake times. It’s such an incredible journey these babies make in the first couple weeks of life down to every last detail, and without a doubt it’s a life-sized feat, accomplishment, transition, adjustment for the parent(s) of the baby too. I just love being chosen to document that intimate time in people’s lives. It’s a huge honor. That being said, please enjoy some of these sweet shots from my first session of 2019: Baby Keera and her family (especially her big sister Keeley who is a little showstopper all her own). I wish this adorable family all the best and can’t wait to continue to capture them as they grow.

Conti Family // Chicago, IL // Family Portraits

The cutest family asked me to capture some portraits of them at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago with their 6 month old baby, Ellie. Mike and Maia got married at Cafe Brauer, so of course we had to revisit the place where their story began! I know this city is special to them in many ways, and it was a pleasure to get some shots of them with the tiny and sweet addition to their lives. I loved every minute.

6am Yoga // Portrait Session // Park Ridge, IL

Somehow I had the amazing fortune to meet this wonderful, big-hearted Yogi here in my local town of Des Plaines. And when she reached out to me to do an earthy, love-soaked yoga session, I was overjoyed to be a part of this next chapter in her life as she begins her journey as a yoga teacher. Susie is truly a lovely person that walks the walk when it comes to being a yoga instructor. She's kind, patient, real, open-minded, strong, knowledgable and embracing...and those are just the traits I know of at this point. I feel like we captured her spirit in this shoot. (Plus, I was super excited she was up for an EARLY morning to get some gentle light in pretty Park Ridge, IL.)