kinst family // greenhouse // st. charles, IL

I’m pretty much on a first name basis with the kind people at Heinz Brother’s in St. Charles thanks to the wild weather that is Chicagoland. Greenhouses are always one of my first go-to back up locations when there’s rain every other day. I love the lush flowers that are always in bloom, and the greens that will be present no matter what. But greenhouse sessions aren’t easy; the light’s always changing along with the sun, but it’s filtered through the ceiling. That can be good and bad depending on the weather and the time of day. I love a challenge though, so I always roll with it and find the best. That’s what all photographers do on every shoot though, right? We don’t do it because it’s easy; we do it because we love it. Love the people, love pulling emotions from them, love making memories for people to look back on and laugh about, and creating a beautiful collage of snapshots of their lives in microcosm. This session was no exception. I loved every minute of it.

davis family // cantigny // wheaton, IL

I shared about this a little on Instagram, but I’m in love with capturing multiples! Since I have twins, I get to watch this amazing dynamic between two people so close all day long, and capturing that in other people’s kids is incredibly fun for me. It was a nice change of pace to get outside and running around after doing so many newborn sessions—which I’m also obsessed with—but it was welcomed challenge too. As a creative, you can “get used” to what you do most, and it was nice to flex my creative muscles outside with some older kids after a big break aka Chicago Winter. I think my favorite part of this session was actually getting the parents together for some more intimate shots. You never know how that’s gonna go, but these turned out so magical. It made me want to start a side gig shooting couples! They were just in the moment right when they needed to be. It was gorgeous. The weather here in Chicago though has been crazy unpredictable. But we made the best of this overcast day and got some fantastic moments for their walls!

welcome to the world Cooper // newborn session // Chicago, IL

Not only did I fall in love with this gorgeous couple’s baby boy Cooper and their stunning home, but I also died of cuteness over their dog Finn. I maaay have to get a mini Goldendoodle now. It might have to happen for me. (Also, I have to add—this dog was not posed, he just existed next to baby and momma the WHOLE time.) I loved working with this family and creating heartfelt images of this time for them. It was definitely one I’ll never forget.

sweet baby Dean // newborn session // Chicago, IL

On a crowded neighborhood street, in the heart of Wrigleyville, another adorable baby was born and became a new Chicagoan! And once again, I got to SNUGGLE him!!! And of course, document his first few days at home with his great parents.

hello, Maddie Lou // yorkville, il

I’ve captured a few events for the extended members of this family, but this was my first time doing an in-home session for Angie + Chad, their son Myles and their new baby, Madeline. Being that they’re my friends, I over shot the whole session and ended up having almost a hundred photos to deliver to them when it was all finished. I tend to deliver a lot of photos anyway though. It’s kinda my thing. I get caught up in the small, subtle differences in facial expressions from shot to shot, and I just give them all. There’s a lot of joy in working with people you know personally. You can pull out and capture all the love you have for them while they’re being candid with each other. It’s like a win-win. It was such a sweet time with them and a joy watching them welcome their new little bundle into their home.