Conti Family // Chicago, IL // Family Portraits

The cutest family asked me to capture some portraits of them at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago with their 6 month old baby, Ellie. Mike and Maia got married at Cafe Brauer, so of course we had to revisit the place where their story began! I know this city is special to them in many ways, and it was a pleasure to get some shots of them with the tiny and sweet addition to their lives. I loved every minute.

6am Yoga // Portrait Session // Park Ridge, IL

Somehow I had the amazing fortune to meet this wonderful, big-hearted Yogi here in my local town of Des Plaines. And when she reached out to me to do an earthy, love-soaked yoga session, I was overjoyed to be a part of this next chapter in her life as she begins her journey as a yoga teacher. Susie is truly a lovely person that walks the walk when it comes to being a yoga instructor. She's kind, patient, real, open-minded, strong, knowledgable and embracing...and those are just the traits I know of at this point. I feel like we captured her spirit in this shoot. (Plus, I was super excited she was up for an EARLY morning to get some gentle light in pretty Park Ridge, IL.) 


Merk Family Adoption // Family Photos // Chicago, IL

I was contacted recently by a family who needed photos ASAP for their adoption portfolio which just went from inactive status to active, and I am so happy I got to be a small stop on this wonderful journey for them. They are just the cutest little family of three, looking to adopt for the second time. Their son Rowan and I became instant BFFs as he guided me around Garfield Park Conservatory, helping me with my shots. :) If a greenhouse is good for the soul; a conservatory like this one is pretty much the be-all and end-all of seasonal sanctuaries. There was so much oxygen flowing through this place I got dizzy (with pure joy). Everyone needs to visit this beautiful haven. And donate, so we can keep it as lovely as it is now. I wish this family all the luck with finding their new baby!!


Happy 1 Year, Ethan // Milestone Birthday // St. Charles, IL

I never know if being a Chicagoan forges my character and hones my ability to seek creativity elsewhere when the skies are gray, the trees are bare and it's 40 degrees in April, or if it zaps me of all energy so that I basically curl up in my house-cave like a bear till May, seeking flowers, sun and the smells of spring. Either way, this shoot at Heinz Brothers Garden Center was 1) SO gorgeous a setting, and 2) absolutely amazing for my soul. I was so happy the family was up for shooting there. Ethan is SUCH a doll. I loved capturing this milestone birthday for them. Major props to Heinz Bros as well--their selection of plants and florals is unparalleled. And can I mention how beautiful this family is dressed? They showed up looking like they belonged in this greenhouse. 


Baby Jacob // Newborn Photos // Lombard, IL

The sweetest little family had me out to capture some photos of their second son Jacob in his first couple weeks of life. They have a beautiful home in Lombard, IL with gorgeous natural light and big airy rooms. Baby Jake was a teeny, precious peanut! He greeted his family two weeks ahead of schedule. Ewa, his mom, told me that he's the most laid back and relaxing newborn there is, and after getting to snuggle and take some photos of him, I have to wholeheartedly agree with that. Both Jacob and his big brother Gabe were absolute LOVES. Too cute!